Notes to Graduands

Faculty of Law

The 205th Congregation Ceremony

Notes to Graduands

The Faculty of Law Graduation Ceremony of the 205th Congregation of the University of Hong Kong for research, taught postgraduate and undergraduate degrees will be held on Monday, December 6, 2021 at 14:30 – 18:00 in the Grand Hall, Lee Shau Kee Lecture Centre, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong.  You are kindly invited to note the following :

1. Admission to the Ceremony is restricted to Graduands only. Graduands are requested to report to the respective reception desks outside the Grand Hall by 13:00 sharp.

2. Graduands should be seated in the Hall according to the seat number printed on their admission ticket by 14:00 sharp.  Each graduand must carry their namecard with them and sit down quietly for the start of the Ceremony.  Latecomers and those who cannot present the namecard will be treated as absent from the Ceremony and will not be permitted to ascend the stage, however, they will be allowed to sit in the audience.  If you have registered to attend the ceremony, please show due respect and decorum for the proceedings.

The identifier on the namecard is unique to each of the graduands attending the ceremony.  It is printed with an allotted number according to the order in which you will be presented individually on stage.  It is therefore mandatory for you to bring your namecard for presentation on stage and follow the instructions of Faculty colleagues who will direct you to line up for going up on stage.

The seat numbers are arranged in two zones, an odd number zone and an even number zone.  Graduands with an odd number seat should enter by the Left Side Entrance and with an even number seat should enter by the Right Side Entrance.

3. Graduands must bring a full set of academic robes and ensure that proper attire (HKU Academic Dress webpage is worn before entering into the Hall.  NO extra academic dress will be provided on-site.  Graduands who are not in full academic dress will NOT be presented on stage.

4. Please refer to the Proceedings which will be emailed to you for the details of the Ceremony.

5. The Faculty will arrange a professional photographer to take individual photos for all graduands while they are receiving their degree on stage.

6. The certificate will NOT be presented during the Ceremony.  Graduands can collect their certificates from the Academic Services Office after the Congregation.  For details, please refer to