Virtual Choir – “Law Anthem”

The Law Anthem, composed and written by our alumni, encapsulates the fine tradition of this Faculty and has been sung by generations of law students at their graduation ceremonies. While we cannot celebrate your remarkable achievements at a face-to-face Congregation this year, we would like to invite you to join this Virtual Choir in singing the Law Anthem in your academic dress!

Let us pass on this distinguished tradition – to bring honour and glory to the Faculty and the University!

Law Anthem: ?Lyrics || ?Score || ?Midi


Check out the following instructions for recording and uploading your individual OR group (with no more than 3 persons) videos!
Videos should be submitted no later than 31 January 2021 (Sunday) and we hope the MV will be available in February 2021.

☛ Collect your academic dress ? and put it on properly. (If you do not dress properly, we reserve the right not to include you in the MV.)

☛ Check out the lyrics and rehearse with the midi first.

☛ Find a quiet room and make sure your face is well lit ? . Avoid having a window or bright light behind you.

☛ If possible, set the camera to horizontal and stay within 1.5′-2.5′ of your camera?/phone?/computer?.

☛ Put on your headphones ? (to follow the midi) and get ready. Remember, we need your voice only! Do not play any music in the background.

☛ Start filming ?, play the midi ♫ in your headphone, and sing along ?. Remember to smile ?.

☛ When you are done, rename your file as 【SURNAME & First name_UID_Programme】(e.g. CHAN Tai Man_3012345678_LLB).

☛ Upload your video 【HERE】. Please enter the password stated in the email from the Faculty on 4 December 2020. If you are a graduate of the Class of 2020 but have not received the password, please email to

☛ For those who would like to participate in the MV without singing, please upload the zipped file of the photo(s) in your academic dress instead.

*The Faculty reserves the right to edit the materials submitted by graduands and publish them in other Faculty publications such as Newsletter.